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Peter Drucker said “The purpose of an organisation is to enable ordinary human beings to do extraordinary things”. This quotation from the greatest management thinker the world has seen, clearly brings out that people are the motive power behind successful organisations. The power of people is both individual and collective, as brought out succinctly by Michael Jordan, the great American basketball player, who said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

The power of human capital in any organisation is seldom unleashed by the HR function alone or by launching well-meaning HR initiatives that are borrowed from the outside world. The devil, verily, lies in the details.

ProminentMind’s offerings are intended to assist organisations unlock the power and potential of their human capital, across the life-cycle from the start-up phase to the transformation phase. We bring in custom built designer solutions tailor made to suit the organisation’s current and emerging context, especially in a knowledge based work environment.

The main areas where we offer solutions are:

1. Employer Value Proposition: In a world where the demand-supply mismatch for the right talent is a never ending one, we assist organisations review and build a value proposition that is designed to attract the desired talent.

2. Employee engagement: Talent retention and engagement hinges upon creating a culture and ambience in which employees experience high levels of psychological safety. We assist organisations in their journey towards becoming an employer of choice.

3. Employee and team development: Relentless and sustained focus on this theme leads to the human capital turning into a distinct source of competitive advantage. Organisations are often inundated by a huge choice of offerings that create confusion. We, at ProminentMind, help organisations create their own distinct tapestry relating to people development by blending best-in-class interventions that are fit the context. Our offerings revolve around:

  • Establishing competence frameworks
  • Talent spotting and evaluation
  • Curated development initiatives for each level in the organisation
  • Improving team effectiveness
  • Career planning
  • Leadership coaching for top / senior management
  • Creating a role-model culture among top management

4. HR processes: We offer you support in raising the effectiveness of HR processes of organisation by several notches. Areas of expertise are:

  • Organisation design
  • Job design
  • Goal setting and performance evaluation
  • Reward and recognition framework

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