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The Directors/ Owners of a well-established Bangalore based building product company in the business of distributing products for offices etc had been facing a few business challenges and concerns. The Company is a family run enterprise and been in the trade for over two decades.

The Shareholders/ Directors of a reputed Building Product Company had approached PM with the following challenges:

1. Sales Volume dwindling
2. Financial Situation extremely concerning
3. Cash losses mounting
4. Organisation Processes weak
5. Need to revamp the Top management
6. Coach and Mentor the CEO

The business was in a precarious situation and the shareholders were even considering closure/ wind up.

The shareholder still believed that there is a scope to get the business back on track. The vision was to create wealth, organise the business and create a environment for employee happiness.

Following several discussions and work sessions with the senior professionals of ProminentMind there has been a deep understanding of the challenges and certain specific focussed actions to set right the business on track were identified.

The strategy was to put the business in order, bring in certain controls, coach the leadership and also create a culture of process orientation. This involved crating a mind-set change across the organisation and also putting in systems for target orientation.

The initial phase involved a set of actions for hand holding and situations of resistance to change. This phase has been overcome to a large extent through leadership intervention, coaching, guidance and bringing in systems and processes.

There is a visible change in the outlook of the shareholders and they are keen to create value and wealth in the company now.

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